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7.30am - 1.00pm

The Wesley Market was established in 1994 by a community group and has been supporting local families, small businesses, local communities, social enterprises and charitable groups through vibrant retail, social networking and community building. The Market provides affordable produce, hot food, clothing, accessories, locksmith services and more!


Wesley Market only sells the freshest produce you can find. All vegetables are grown in Auckland and all produce are picked within days. Seafood are picked up from the auction on the day of the Market. From ground, tree and sea to your table. For a healthier and environmentally better lifestyle.

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"Regular customers are like old friends"

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Zero-Waste Market

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The Wesley Market is working towards becoming a Zero-Waste Market with the help from EcoMatters Environmental Trust. Reducing the use of plastic bags, buying local, recycling clothes and other household items are just a few ways to help support the environment. Do you know that 40% of our waste is food waste, and we could all save more than $1000 per year if we learn how to maximise the food we buy and eat. The Wesley Market provides you with all the food you need when you need it so you can have healthier and fresher food.