Top 10 Reasons to Shop at Market

There are many reasons to shop at a market and with the rising cost of living  there are no better reasons to shop at markets. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Shop at Markets.

1. It’s fresher Markets offer the freshest food around. Unlike supermarkets where unripe fruit and vegetables are stored in a cold room or seafood harvested days ago, these are usually only hours from the field—so you get top quality, perfectly ripe flavour.

2. Great for the environment Eating locally saves packaging waste and energy required to ship food around the globe or even locally, and the energy required to store them too!

3. Support the community Markets are social venues where you run into friends and meet local farmers, community gardeners and neighbours. Markets are a place for socializing where you can not only shop but sit down, have a coffee, play some chess, or maybe even exercise together!

4. Supporting local enterprises Not only you are helping the farmers and retailers to keep their market profit instead of a middleman, you help build local enterprises, strengthen family outcomes and keep these businesses local and alive.

5. Save money You are not paying all the margins to a middleman and pricey shipping so you get more value for money.

6. You help reduce waste More than 40% of our waste is food waste - and by buying only what you need when you need it, you will not only reduce unnecessary food waste, it helps save those money! Did you know that 100 million kilos of textile are thrown away in New Zealand every year? Buy secondhand would reduce wastage but also it helps reduce the environmental impact it cost to create these textiles in the first place!

7. Learn about food Many parents often complain about how their kids leave the greens out. Studies have shown that children are more likely to eat the greens if they have been involved with the preparation. Browsing market stalls, talking to the farmers and exploring how food are grown, harvested and eaten help kids and adults enjoy their food.

8. Boost your nutrition Not only that the fruit and vegetables are fresher but the display will help you meet the goal of 5+ a day!

9. Excite your senses Experiencing the colours, smells, tastes, sounds of a market is a sensual experience that connects you to the land, the community and people.

10. Inspire and explore Explore new in-season produce and find out more about them from the stallholders. How to cook and how to prepare - maybe you can teach the stallholders too how you would prepare your produce, or share your ideas with other customers!