Plastic Free July in Wesley Market

If you don't know already, July is "Plastic Free July"! This is a global event to combat single-use disposable plastic and challenge people to do something about it.

Here at the Wesley Market, we go through at least 3 - 4 plastic bags per shopper and with over 1,000 shoppers per market day, this equates to almost 10,000 plastic bags a week! Not only the amount of plastic bags we generate is a concern, we also generate a large number of polystyrene containers, disposable coffee cups (that cannot be recycled!) and packaging for fruit and vegetables.  Imagine what that does to the environment! 

The problems with these plastic? These items are designed to last forever, and therefore it does not break down and will become a permanent pollution. It ends up in waterway, customers and neighbours have long complained about the amount of rubbish found in the Te Auaunga Awa (Oakley Creek), effecting the marine life and bird life. And imagine what the pollutants these plastic carriers with them and how it pollutes our health and wellbeing? 

How can you help? Many of us are already refusing plastic shopping bags, and as a matter of fact you bring your own shopping bag/trolley to the Market, but we still use an awful lot of plastic bags! Try avoiding pre-packed fruit and  vegetables too and bring your own cup for coffee or water and refuse straws. Recycle what cannot be avoided - you know that the Wesley Market has bins for recycling, composting and food waste? 

Click here for an Action Picker from, a great way to learn what you can avoid, how to avoid it, and how much impact your actions can create. 

In July, the Wesley Market will also be running a Plastic Free July campaign - where you can get a stamp everytime you show EcoMatters the shopping bag and containers your bring to the market. Collect 10 stamps for your a prize, including vouchers from the lovely people at BurgerFuel! Need a bag? Not to worry - you can also get one from us at the Market!

Enjoy a Plastic Free July!!!!