Waste Management

The Market is working hard to become a Zero-Waste market. One that provides excellent good and services to the community as well as ensuring that we contribute positively to the environment.

Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste is a global project to reduce food waste. 40% of the household waste is food. Not only that it is environmentally unfriendly, it cost our wallets too! 

The Auckland Council is part of this scheme. By 2019/2020 Auckalnders will receive a 23-litre lockable food waste bin, supplemented by a seven-litre kitchen caddy, that will be will be collected from city kerbs each week.

We reduce waste by providing ideas, donating food waste to charitable organisations and farm. If you would like to look at collecting any food waste or good food that could not be sold from the market, contact us for more!


EcoMatters Environmental Trust

EcoMatters is passionate about creating communities where aroha and connection with the local environment is restored. With the help of EcoMatters we are not only here to sort out waste but also to educate the community on waste management. Do feel free to ask the team on site anything about recycling, composting and any waste management. More workshops to come!

Pre-loved Items

Reuse, recycle and reduce is the key. You may know about ethical clothing - clothing brands that takes a stance against child labour and the environmental impact on mass production of "fast food fashion". Not only that we reduce waste but we create a better environment for workers too!