Vietnamese Spring Rolls1.png

Vietnamese Spring Rolls w dipping sauce


Spring Rolls

1 c finely sliced lettuce
1 medium carrot, grated
¼-½ cucumber, finely sliced into batons
½ red pepper, finely sliced
2 avocados, (optional)
1 T fish sauce
1 T pure maple syrup
2 lemons, juiced
1 bundle of Vietnamese thin noodles (vermicelli noodles)
spring roll wrappers
1 large handful of chopped coriander, mint or basil

Dipping Sauce
1 T fish sauce
1 T pure maple syrup
1 T lemon juice


1. To cook the noodles, place into a bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave for 5 minutes then drain. Mix all the ingredients (except avocado if using) in a bowl, including noodles.  Cut the noodles into smaller pieces. 

2. To make spring rolls, have a dish of hot water (as hot as you can dip your fingers into) that is big enough to take a spring roll wrapper. Slowly, submerge a wrapper into the water and then place on damp t-towel (don’t let the wrapper go). Using some tongs, place some spring roll mixture onto the wrapper, placing it at the end closest to you, and not putting the mixture completely to each side, lay a slice of avocado over the top. 

3. To wrap, fold the left-hand side in, then the right-hand side (about 2cm each side) then roll tightly to the end. Because the wrapper is wet, the wrapper sticks and seals. Continue until all the filling is finished. 

4. Make the dipping sauce by combining all the ingredients together and serve. 

5. If you make them ahead of time, store with the dampened t-towel over the top so they don’t dry out. Best served at room temperature. Makes approximately 12 large spring rolls.

Serves 4 for less than $15. 
Average cooking time: 10 min.